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All you need to know about when and where we deliver to.
We aim to deliver your hot tub (spa) within 2 weeks but this can increase in the high season, please check listing for details.

We charge a standard fee for delivery of £399 to U.K Mainland postcodes shown on the map in green if your postcode is shown in orange please contact us for a quote.

All postcodes shown in green are delivered by skilled contractor’s right to the place where you want it with specialist trailer and equipment (access pending). All other deliveries are carried out by other contractors and are curb side only. Note in peak hot tub season (April - Sept) in the orange postcode areas we may be able to offer a "green" type of delivery (i.e delivery by our own drivers and delivered in position rather than a curb side delivery). Please ask when placing your order.

Sorry we cannot do deliveries to the Channel Islands, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Orkney, Shetland or Scottish Isles

If you are unsure whether we are able to deliver in your area please contact a member of our friendly support team.

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Scotland Delivery


Please contact us for a quote.

Delivery Unavailable Weekend or to any offshore Isles.
Additional Information Delivery times to Scotland postcodes may be extended.
UK Mainland Delivery


Please contact us for a quote.

Delivery Unavailable Weekends - (Mon-Fri) only.
Additional Information Delivery times to Scotland postcodes may be extended.


Normal access where the delivery can take place with 2 men using a spa dolly kart (trolley), The customer having a flat, firm base for the hot tub (spa) already prepared before we arrive, and the correct electrical supply already in place.

See information below

Failure to consider these important factors may result in special circumstances not covered in a standard delivery.




You must ensure an appropriate 240v electrical supply fitted by a qualified electrician to install on its own fused spur a 6mm - 16mm 3 core armoured SWA cable on a 32-40 amp supply wired through an R.C.D or circuit breaker and a waterproof rotary isolation switch fitted approx 2 meters away from hot tub (spa) please ensure that the cable tail end from isolator to hot tub site has an additional 4 meters for connection to the control box. (Most of our tubs are 32amps and 8-10KW total load an electrician will be able to work out what size cable you need from this information).

We will place your hot tub in it's position unwrap everything and run through a full check list with you and show you how everything works, all you need to do after this is get your qualified electrician to connect the tub to the isolation switch.

Our tub power is 32-40 amps and 8-10 kw total load, you will need this info for your electrician. Also please see the following Balboa wiring Specification sheet link which will also come in handy for them: CLICK HERE FOR BALBOA WIRING SPEC

THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE - Customers should be advised to seek advise from a qualified electrician, so that any modifications, alterations and installation work carried out can be done safely and in accordance with the current industry standards - BS7671IEE wiring regulations and Part P of the building regulations.
Part P - The law requires an electrician registered with a government - approved scheme, such as the NICEIC, to carry out most electrical work in the home. After completion of any work your electrician will issue you with an electrical safety certificate and compliance certificate to confirm it meets the requirements of the building regulations.

Failure to follow these electrical requirements will void the manufactures warranty.

CLICK HERE to view our fact sheet on connecting your hot tub (helpful for your electrician).


You must have a suitable firm level base to site your hot tub (spa), this could be (decking, flagging stone, concrete etc which can be the same size as the tub 2300 x 2300 or you can do larger and have an overhang on all four sides or just one side, for example the side you would have the steps on.

Please note: Hot tubs (spas) cannot be sited directly on grass or uneven ground they may sink and will cause damage to the shell.


For a permanent installation we recommend a concrete pad approx 4” thick with steel reinforced cross bars is the preferred choice (but not essential), please ensure slab has plenty of time to harden before arranging delivery.


We recommend pressure treated decking fitted to a base frame made from 125mm x 50mm timber which must be supported at regular intervals using metal hangers.


Another good choice of foundation is pre-cast patio slabs, make sure they are level and seated well on firm ground.



Once the base and electric supply have been prepared the hot tub (spa) will arrive safely on a trailer on the day agreed. Prior to the delivery of the hot tub (spa) the customer must ensure there is adequate access from the un-loading area to where the hot tub (spa) will be located, please ensure the access route has been cleared of all garden ornaments and furniture that might be an obstruction, and take into consideration gateways, alleyways, pathways, fence panels, un-even surface, steps and carports you will need to inform us in advance of any of these obstacles so we can discuss the best options. Upon delivery the hot tub (spa) will be positioned using a special Spa dolly kart (trolley). It will be mounted sideways onto the dolly truck requiring clearance of 2500mm high x 1000mm wide if you feel the dolly kart will not be suitable for manoeuvring your hot tub (Spa) to its location, then please let us know so that we can discuss your individual requirements.

In most cases we will bring your hot tub on our large hot tub trailer (not pictured). This is a special trailer tailored to transport three hot tubs. If you have a narrow drive way / narrow sharp bends leading to your house please inform us. Our trailer is 11FT long (plus the length of our hot tub panel van) so manoeuvring access could be difficult or in some cases not possible if access is narrow/sharp. If you're unsure if access to your home is suitable then please mention this when placing your order.

We reserve the right to leave the hot tub (Spa) at the entrance of your residence if access cannot be made via the means we have described in this delivery guide, it is also the customers responsibility if any damage occurs to the hot tub (spa) or the customers property due to any of the above obstacles that we were not made aware off in advance.

To avoid disappointment please check the 'access points to consider' below.



Are doorways, gateways, alleyways and pathways wide enough the entry route needs to be at least 2500mm high x 1000mm wide turning space will be required around corners through alleyways etc?

Have you taken into account obstructions such as drainpipes, shelves, guttering, taps, tree branches, steps, un-even surface over hangs etc? Make sure these are removed prior to delivery if necessary and inform us before of anything we need to be aware of.

Does the hot tub (spa) need to be taken across grass or gravel? If so please make sure boards are put down and ramps if necessary as the dolly truck will not travel over a lawn or any uneven surface.

We will supply 2 men to deliver the hot tub (spa), should more labour be required this shall be supplied by the customer at the customers cost. So be aware of any steep slopes or walls? Large steps, inclines etc that can cause problems, if the hot tub (spa) needs to be taken off the trolley to negotiate a difficult area like steps, extra assistance will need to be arranged prior to delivery.

Is there enough room to access the hot tub (Spa), once it is in position? We recommend that there is access to all four sides however, it is particularly important that there is one access point to the side containing the control panel to assist in the installation and set-up etc.


If you have any concerns regarding access and think there will be a problem, the use of a crane maybe required to lift and position the hot tub (spa) to the prepared site, the cost and arrangements shall be the responsibility of the customer and not Premier hot tubs.

Please contact us in advance to discuss your individual requirements.


You must of course have a suitable water supply to fill the hot tub (spa) within the site area, usually an outdoor hosepipe with good pressure.


When the hot tub (spa) is in position your qualified electrician will need to connect to the electrical supply provided, once safely connected and sited securely in place it will be filled with water, you will then need to add sanitizer to the water and balance the ph levels.

CLICK HERE to view our fact sheet on connecting your hot tub (helpful for your electrician).


Once the hot tub (spa) is filled with water refer to your manual for details on the great features and correct procedure on how to use the hot tub and aftercare maintenance.

Once up to your desired temperature the hot tub (spa) is ready for use, nothing compares to the experience of stepping into your own, personal hot tub, to help you unwind after a long day.


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