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Owning a hot tub (spa) is a fantastic experience. Having made the decision to purchase a hot tub you may now want to consider the many luxury options we have available, we are proud to offer the most luxurious yet affordable hot tubs (spas) in the U.K today!


For the ultimate hot tub (spa) experience, we combined luxurious therapy with our fully remote high-performance flat screen LCD pop up TV.

Neatly concealed "pops up" at the touch of a button sit back and enjoy your favourite movie while soaking in your hot tub! Comes with a splash proof (NOT waterproof) remote. Or why not add a digital set top box and watch 100s of channels.
(Please note this is an analogue TV that will play DVDs as standard, you will need to purchase a scart to av connector to attach a digital set top box / Sky box or similar if you wish to watch TV Channels. These leads are available from supermarkets and a electrical retailers for around £2.

AV diagram can be downloaded here .

See back of TV connections here)

View a manual for the TV here:
Hot Tub Pop Up TV


Nothing makes your hot tub (spa) comfort more complete than lying back in the warm water and losing yourself in stereo sound.

Let the massaging waters soothe and comfort you, and let your mind wander, as you listen to your favourite music, experience the ultimate entertainment package with this fully remote high-performance DVD/CD system with Marined cover.

If your hot tub comes with a TV you'll receive a DVD / CD player with USB connection (Suitable for MP3 Player and certain iPods) and remote. If your hot tub does not feature a TV you'll receive a standard CD Player (which is not iPod or MP3 player compatible).Comes with a splash proof (NOT waterproof) remote.

Hot Tub CD / DVD Player


Bluetooth, Aux Cable - Everything you should need to play something using some device through your hot tub all in this dock.
This integrated system fits inside the cabinet of your hot tub. Housed in a marined cover(ensuring safety from water splash and water overflow). Simply connect your device by pairing it with the bluetooth or connecting to the ipod headphone port with the aux cable, close and lock the casing door and you're ready to go.
This docking station also comes with a splash proof remote (NOT waterproof). So you're able to control the device from the comfort of your hot tub.
The system also features Radio functionality.
Note: If you connect via the aux cable you'll only be able to control the volume and not skip through the songs.
If you're connecting via bluetooth please keep the device reasonably close to the docking station. The further away the device is from the station the signal will be lost.

iPod Dock


Take your hot tub (spa) experience to the next level, these pop-up speakers bring the music directly to those enjoying the bubbly water just tune the stereo to your favourite radio station or pop in a CD, and press down on the top of the speakers. The speakers simply "pop up" and you're ready to entertain your guests. Please note: Pair of Pop-Up Speakers come as standard.
Pop Up Hot Tub Speakers


Enhance your enjoyment, awaken your senses or simply set the mood with our modern, soft and beautiful water level L.E.D. Lighting.
LED Hot Tub Lights


Add a waterfall to enhance your experience, calm the soul with tranquil waterfalls, and soothe the mind of all your daily inhibitions, creating a relaxing touch to your hot tub (spa).
Hot Tub Waterfall


As an elegant addition to your hot tub (spa), a waterfall or fountain can create a quiet feeling of relaxation, make your hot tub (spa) more attractive, and relax listening to the sound of moving water.
Hot Tub Fountain

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