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We offer a choice of luxury hot tubs (spas) with integrated sound system, fibre optics, waterfalls, stainless steel jets and a full audiovisual system with TV,iPod Dock, CD and DVD. A diverse range of hot tubs (spas), with many ranges to choose from we are sure that you will find a suitable model for your lifestyle. Owning a hot tub is one of the best investments you can make in your health and stress reduction, a quality hot tub (spa) will give you years of relaxation and pleasure. We are very proud of our range and the features that come as STANDARD with all our hot tubs (spas).


As if you don't have enough choices already, let's add the dimension of colour. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of solid colours, or natural stone-like looks. It's your spa—so let your imagination run wild.
White Pearlescent Silver Grey Oyster Opal Pure White Navy Marble Summer Sapphire
White Pearlescent Silver Marble Oyster Opal Pure White Navy Marble Summer Sapphire
Mystic Emerald Dakota Sahara Carribbean Blue Bluegrass Midnight Opal
Mystic Emerald Dakota Sahara Caribbean Blue Bluegrass Midnight Opal
Please note: Hot tubs shown on our hot tubs page are shown in their default colours. Custom colours selected from the above would mean longer delivery time.

Skirt / Cabinet

Skirt –PVC Offers truly unique thermal insulation properties and at the same time it is virtually maintenance free. Does not fade or need any future repainting.
Brown Hot Tub Cabinet Grey Hot Tub Cabinet Chocolate Hot Tub Cabinet
Brown Grey Chocolate

Hot Tub Jets

Stainless Steel Jets

Our models all feature stainless-steel trimmed jets that are pre-polished to a mirror finish, stress relief for the areas that need it most.

All our hot tubs feature many different style pumps/jets that work their hardest to ensure you're completely massaged and relaxed. Jets featured in our models: Premier Stream Jet, Stream Jet, Mini Dual Jet, Mini Spout Jet, Power Dual Spout Jet, Trio Stream Jet, Spout Jet, Power Splash Jet, Premier Dual Stream Jet, Whirlwind Jet, Mini Spout Jet and Dual Stream Jet.


Ozone system is a pure, natural approach to water care. It reduces the need for regular chlorine top ups, and can reduce chemical usage up to 90%.. You can leave your hot tub (spa) unattended for longer periods of time; change the water less often, and save time and money.
Ozone purifies water approximately 3,000 times faster than chlorine and it has no odor in the quantities needed for hot tub maintenance. It leaves no chemical by-products. Also, it does not irritate the eyes or skin, and it is gentle to spa equipment. You will still need a good hot tub filter. Though the ozone destroys impurities that are introduced into the water, the microscopic remains will still need to be filtered out. We also suggest still using chlorine in your hot tub for bacteria control. The Ozone does not mean that you no longer need chlorine.
Hot Tub Ozone


Why it costs in some cases up to 5 times to heat up 2 identical size spas? The answer is Insulation. By introducing our foam insulation we reduce the time it takes for the water temperature to pass from the body of water to the outside environment. By effectively doing so we reduce the time it takes to heat and maintain the water temperature.

All of our hot tubs feature 3 insulation types.
1. Foam insulation on the outside of the shell.
2. A blanket layer wrapped around the shell.
3. A layer of insulation pinned to the cabinet.
Also the base of the hot tub base has a solid construction adding to the insulation.
Hot Tub Insulation

Top Cover

Protect your investment from the elements and reduce heat loss, our thermal covers are manufactured from a grain effect vinyl fabric and come complete with:
  • Polystyrene Infill
  • Centre Insulation Sleeve
  • Straps
  • Hot Tub Cover

    Solid Base

    All our hot tubs have a solid base unlike many cheaper, budget models. The benefit of a solid base does not only strengthen the construction but also keeps cold out and can retains heat in. Also if you find your ground is slightly uneven a heavy solid base can eliminate wobble.
    Made from a solid, strong fibreglass. You may also find with cheaper models that do not have solid base construction that they are open to vermin and burrowing animals invasions.
    Hot Tub Solid Base

    Hot Tub Management Valves

    All our hot tubs feature an "Outlet Valve", which is used to release water for overflowed water due to displacement.
    Our tubs also feature a "Drain Valve", this can be used to drain the tub completely of water.

    CLICK HERE to view a Hot Tub Valves Fact Sheet.


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