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hot tub benefits

Why do you immediately feel good when you get into a hot tub? For a start, you instantly lose 90% of your body weight, reducing the load on your heart by 10-20%. And, because the temperature is sustained at around 38C, the feeling of well-being that you experience is accompanied by changes in your circulatory system that have a beneficial effect on many aspects of your body. When this is combined with the therapeutic effect of the spa's massage jets, which further relax the muscles, and promote healing, the result is sheer bliss!

What happens to your body in the hot tub? The body's first reaction to being immersed in hot water is to try to get back to its normal temperature by working the heart harder to pump the blood to the surface where it hopes to be cooled. This causes a temporary increase in blood pressure. Of course, because the water is hot the blood is warmed not cooled. The result is that the core body temperature rises and, after a short while, the warm blood causes the blood vessels to dilate which lessens the resistance to blood flow and reduces blood pressure. The body begins to perspire, expelling toxins and the muscles relax, relieving aches and pains.

Stress Relief Chill in a hot tub - the perfect antidote to a stressful day!

It is widely recognised the time honoured use of water for healing, the benefit of the buoyancy of hot tub water is that it reduces body weight by approximately 90%, immersion in warm water raises body temperature causing blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation and reducing aches and pains by taking pressure off tired muscles and joints.

Heat from the water warms up joints and makes collagen tissue more malleable and eases movement, in some cases improving on stiff or aching joints.

hot tub stress relief

Family Fun Everyone enjoys the hot tub experience.

Finally, if you're still not convinced, possibly the greatest benefit of all is that hot tubs provide an ideal place to relax with your friends and family. You will soon find your kids think the whole hot tub experience is as cool as you do, providing them a relaxing break from the computer and video games, talk, laugh, relax, spending quality time together you'll be amazed at how quickly this becomes a pleasurable family routine!
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The benefits of hydro therapy have been recognized for thousands of years just relax and enjoy this experience of a lifetime!

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